How to Increase Traffic Website Visitors

  How to Increase Traffic Website Visitors

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Many ways to increase traffic to your website or blog without breaking the rules, methods black hat SEO is often done to increase visitor traffic quickly, but after that much regret because the sites they actually got banned by google.

Do not even try to fool Google (and other search engines), although it did succeed but it will not last long, later regretted his own when it kicked.

So if you want to bring in more visitors to your website, do lah ways true and valid and does not violate the rules of google.

The following web journals provide several ways you can do to bring in more visitors.

1. Create Content Quality
An effective way to increase traffic to a website first is through good content, I am sure everyone would know this, but sometimes still ignore this, but this content is a very important, and here we will reminds you back to keep providing the best content can you give to visitors there, so visitors will definitely come into its own in the future to look back on the topic of what else you have presented on your website, the best content will also be easy to be recommended by a visitor to his friends via social media , this would make your website can run itself without the impetus of its owner, because the strength of the content can make other people turn your website.

2. Include a Website Address in Your Email Signature
This may be seen as a step that is small and simple, but the effect could be sizeable. Additional link in the email signature (usually located at the bottom of every email you send), it certainly makes you recognizable website address of another person, at least by people you email.

3. Build Relationships With Other Bloggers
Many friends much sustenance, if you want a lot of sustenance perbanyaklah relationship, according to religion
This applies also in the world of websites / blogs, multiply the good relationships with other bloggers so they can become loyal customers of the article on your website.

Many ways to establish good relationships with other bloggers, with each other, each commented, greeted each other, and help each other even for a promotion.

4. Become a Guest Writer On Website Famous
Being a guest writer on another website certainly is not just a hobby of writing, but it can use as an entry point for other people to come to your website.

Your website may not have been known, wrote on the website itself sometimes like to make writing for yourself, not to be enjoyed by others because they do not know the existence of your website, so there's no harm in writing on websites that are well known or have the traffic is high enough that you so known, at least by the readers of other websites, usually if it read people will see who the author of the article interesting, and if there is a link to your website in a website where you write the course he will click and go to your website. In addition to be a guest writer on another website You can embed your website link on the website, this can provide a good backlink to your website rankings.

One Indonesian website that you can use to place writing, where you can be a guest writer and put bio and website links are, on the website you can write about the topic of web design, web development and graphic design. For English-language website you can be a guest writer on the website as TutsPlus.

5. Share Your Articles
Do not forget to share articles to various places, you can share all that you have social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but it could also to a social bookmarking websites such as Digg or Technorati, if in Indonesia able to, or you can also put Your article in a forum like kaskus. Remember not spamming, do not overdo it, do naturally all that matters effectively.

6. Do not Just Think SEO
If you're looking for ways to get more traffic to the web / blog, you will be easy to focus on search engine traffic and the SEO techniques that aim only to get more out of it. However, search engines are not the only source that bring readers to your blog. In fact, some bloggers do the mediocre without his blog about SEO, they just concentrate on building the business and create content that were really good and useful to readers. It is ironic that such a website rank higher in Google than you painstakingly perform various SEO techniques.

Though SEO is in fact not everything, you do not need to pay more for SEO services, waste a lot of time to implement SEO techniques are not necessarily successful. Quite simply, if you use WordPress as a platform for your website / blog, you're already in good shape and already on the right track, because CMS like WordPress already have a good system to help you. Simply do some settings such as the right to make the article title and content quality, did permalink settings, and install plugins like All in One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast or other plugins that can facilitate you set meta tag.

By understanding the basics of SEO is enough, things like using keywords in your title, and build links between pages, it alone can make the website you are on the right track and liked by the readers of your website, and of course also in liked by google.

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