Tips and Finding Fixing Broken Link

Tips and Finding Fixing Broken Link

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Broken link url arise not only from a post that has been removed, but also the many possibilities that can happen, one comment from blogger account has not been selected profile option in general displayed. Removing broken links is one among countless tips on how to improve the ranking and re-raise the prestige of your blog on search engines, such as google.

This may be necessary if you frequently seo optimization by linking internal link, but the intended post no longer exists because it was removed by you. Granted this is not an easy task that can be done quickly if it manually, the main factor of course lazy.

Lazy to check the wrong link 404 or is no longer valid in your blog, because the mind is mumet is the reason? brokenlinkcheck try. Brokenlinkcheck is a site that can do it, so can save your time to find out one by one broken link. Identifying gradually from one page to another page is a simple task that the site offered to you.

1. visit to Brokenlinkcheck

2. In the column Free Check for broken links, the content of your website address with a format like this example:

3. remember, do not use the http at the beginning, but www. Upon completion, click on the Find broken links.

4. step hereinafter, the contents of Security Code with the words that are on the right. You can also change the code by selecting Generate new code.

5. After that click on the Find button now broken links.

6. wait to check the status of COMPLETED.

Up to this stage you have to know how to find broken links, put a link to the page 404 you can see in the url, src left side. Hopefully after following this simple tutorial, your site could be better than before.

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basic and very important things in building a computer network

 basic and very important things in building a computer network

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In discussing the computer network, it does look that is often regarded as essentially the topology of the network itself. It is true, the network topology describes how a network composed and shows the flow of data traffic that occurs on a computer network.

However, without prejudice to the role of topology, it turns out there are somewhat more basic elements of a network. Fifth base is arguably much more basic than a topology. Why is that? because without these 5 things, not possible for a computer can be connected to one another.

Here are 5 basic and very important things in building a computer network

1. Interfaces Network
Each device to be connected to a network must have interfaces. In the computer there is a NIC (network interface card) as the interface used to connect to the network. In addition to other devices also use the computer NIC to be connected to a network, such as the HUB, Switch, Router, and Other. Some of the things that must be considered in choosing the NIC that is:

- Type slot
- The highest speed of a NIC is 1000 megabits per second
- Compatibility

2. Media Transmission
The transmission medium is a tool to bridge between a computer with another computer or a computer with other network devices (hubs, switches, routers, etc.) in a komputer.Saat network transmission medium, there are two commonly used, namely wired and wireless (wireless ). Some types of cables are often used to establish a network including the UTP, STP, Coaxial, and Fiber Optics. Some things to note regarding the use of cable media are:

- Speed ​​of transfer
- The maximum length in order to be able to bring data
- A type of connector used (different cables, different connectors)

3. Network Operating System, abbreviated NOS
Network Operating System also has a very important role. This NOS dikembangakandan used to support the performance of computer networks. as well as a support system security, sharing, and client server. Some operating systems commonly used for networking is Linux (usually used for servers), MikroTik RouterOS (operating system is devoted to the router) windows server (2003, 2008, 2012), and Windows Client (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 )

4. Network Device (device network support)
Network device is in networking equipment digunankan as supporting network system. Examples are divice network switches, hubs, repeaters, routers and modems.

5. Network protocol
 Network protocols are the rules that apply terntang how each component in a computer network must communicate. On the basis of differentiated protocol on communication protocol, transport protocol and application protocols.

- Example of communication protocol is the Internet Protocol, or IP, IPX, Netbeui.
- Sample transport protocol is TCP and UDP.
- Sample Applications protocols are FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and so on.

This is the fifth basic basis for the establishment of a computer network that allows two or more computers communicate with each other, share information with each other. In the absence of these five things, then there can be no such thing as the internet, facebook, twitter, chat, etc.

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How To Know Link That Dangerous or Not

How To Know Link That Dangerous or Not

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Many links that contain malware or virus deceptive. Well this time PG will share ways that you are not any open link that contains a malware or a virus. Here are 5 ways that you can use to avoid the link that contains the virus:

VirusTotal also able to detect the URL it gives a virus or not. To check a URL is safe or not is open only VirusTotal after that fill the URL you suspect as malware, then click the Scan button It !. If you visit a site that would be free of malware or virus, the detection ratio will be colored green but red colored when Detection ratio means the site contains malware.

Unmask Parasites site is simple but has a very important benefit, if you do not want to link it contains spam, malicious script or link redirects then you find an appropriate site, using Unmask Parasites you will avoid these problems. First visit Unmask Parasites then enter the URL dengna link would you check. Then click Check. If you get a red mark means that a malicious site, but if you get a green sign means the site is secure.

Now many links are replaced with short links such as, TinyURL, Google URL Shortener and much more. All services that are services that change the shape of long links into shorter links. We will not know if the link was not really safe or not. Well to check there is now an online service called To use it simply enter the link that has been tershorten, then click If you visit a site that will secure the Safety Ratings will be colored green all.

By using URL Void you will be able to check the URL in more than 30 antivirus engines are known and trusted. Quite easy just enter the URL and then click Scan Now, if you visit the site will be free of malware and viruses will mark Clean green colored, but if the site you will visit will appear dangerous red sign that read Detected.

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How to Increase Traffic Website Visitors

  How to Increase Traffic Website Visitors

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Many ways to increase traffic to your website or blog without breaking the rules, methods black hat SEO is often done to increase visitor traffic quickly, but after that much regret because the sites they actually got banned by google.

Do not even try to fool Google (and other search engines), although it did succeed but it will not last long, later regretted his own when it kicked.

So if you want to bring in more visitors to your website, do lah ways true and valid and does not violate the rules of google.

The following web journals provide several ways you can do to bring in more visitors.

1. Create Content Quality
An effective way to increase traffic to a website first is through good content, I am sure everyone would know this, but sometimes still ignore this, but this content is a very important, and here we will reminds you back to keep providing the best content can you give to visitors there, so visitors will definitely come into its own in the future to look back on the topic of what else you have presented on your website, the best content will also be easy to be recommended by a visitor to his friends via social media , this would make your website can run itself without the impetus of its owner, because the strength of the content can make other people turn your website.

2. Include a Website Address in Your Email Signature
This may be seen as a step that is small and simple, but the effect could be sizeable. Additional link in the email signature (usually located at the bottom of every email you send), it certainly makes you recognizable website address of another person, at least by people you email.

3. Build Relationships With Other Bloggers
Many friends much sustenance, if you want a lot of sustenance perbanyaklah relationship, according to religion
This applies also in the world of websites / blogs, multiply the good relationships with other bloggers so they can become loyal customers of the article on your website.

Many ways to establish good relationships with other bloggers, with each other, each commented, greeted each other, and help each other even for a promotion.

4. Become a Guest Writer On Website Famous
Being a guest writer on another website certainly is not just a hobby of writing, but it can use as an entry point for other people to come to your website.

Your website may not have been known, wrote on the website itself sometimes like to make writing for yourself, not to be enjoyed by others because they do not know the existence of your website, so there's no harm in writing on websites that are well known or have the traffic is high enough that you so known, at least by the readers of other websites, usually if it read people will see who the author of the article interesting, and if there is a link to your website in a website where you write the course he will click and go to your website. In addition to be a guest writer on another website You can embed your website link on the website, this can provide a good backlink to your website rankings.

One Indonesian website that you can use to place writing, where you can be a guest writer and put bio and website links are, on the website you can write about the topic of web design, web development and graphic design. For English-language website you can be a guest writer on the website as TutsPlus.

5. Share Your Articles
Do not forget to share articles to various places, you can share all that you have social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but it could also to a social bookmarking websites such as Digg or Technorati, if in Indonesia able to, or you can also put Your article in a forum like kaskus. Remember not spamming, do not overdo it, do naturally all that matters effectively.

6. Do not Just Think SEO
If you're looking for ways to get more traffic to the web / blog, you will be easy to focus on search engine traffic and the SEO techniques that aim only to get more out of it. However, search engines are not the only source that bring readers to your blog. In fact, some bloggers do the mediocre without his blog about SEO, they just concentrate on building the business and create content that were really good and useful to readers. It is ironic that such a website rank higher in Google than you painstakingly perform various SEO techniques.

Though SEO is in fact not everything, you do not need to pay more for SEO services, waste a lot of time to implement SEO techniques are not necessarily successful. Quite simply, if you use WordPress as a platform for your website / blog, you're already in good shape and already on the right track, because CMS like WordPress already have a good system to help you. Simply do some settings such as the right to make the article title and content quality, did permalink settings, and install plugins like All in One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast or other plugins that can facilitate you set meta tag.

By understanding the basics of SEO is enough, things like using keywords in your title, and build links between pages, it alone can make the website you are on the right track and liked by the readers of your website, and of course also in liked by google.

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how to easily create a web seo friendly

how to easily create a web seo friendly

There is how to easily create a web seo friendly be listened, to before we discuss it if you need keset kaki please click on the link.

There are many ways in which to attract the visit, especially by promoting the website, for example through advertising service, to share in social media, or blogwalking very tiring.

In addition, there is an easier way to do, namely designing SEO friendly website.

With tricks SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a website will be more easily appear in the first page of search engines on the Internet.

Thus, when Internet users search by entering a keyword, the search engine will automatically recommend the website. As a result, the easy way for website SEO friendly, the number of visits will continue to rise faster.

Then, how to easily create a website that is SEO friendly? There are several ways that are frequently practiced by the website owner or blogger. Usually, related to the content, keywords, as well as the design of the website, as well as embed the HTML code in the template.

Here are five easy tricks to try to make a website SEO friendly:

1. Use quality content
High quality content is contextually relevant, which will facilitate the search engines find the website. So, do not ever even upload low quality content with random keywords.

2. The level of keyword density in the article
Articles that have a keyword density on contextual, usually will be a priority for the search engine. In addition, make sure the articles are uploaded quite long, a minimum of 500 words or more, of course, while maintaining keorisinalitasan the article.

3. Take advantage of header tags
Search engines are known to be inclined to like content articles which have a header tag on a website. Moreover, if the header tags is also included on the first and second paragraph of the article. In addition, use header tags also are much sought after.

4. Use sitemaps
The existence of sitemaps feature on a website, will give a much better index on search engines. In fact, the website based on WordPress or Blogger though, also has provided a plugin that functions the same as the sitemaps.

5. The design is suitable for mobile
The easy way to create SEO friendly website is to design the website to be accessed through mobile devices, such as smartphones. With it, visitors are not only limited to the use of a laptop or computer only.

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How Easy Viewing on Computer and Laptop Specifications

How Easy Viewing on Computer and Laptop Specifications

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Knowing the specification of a computer or laptop is very important.

When you want to install an application or game, first you have to really make sure that your computer or laptop you have to have specifications that meet to install the application or game.

If we are forced to install heavy applications but is not supported by an adequate specification, it will decrease the performance of your computer.

To view the specifications of your computer or laptop, you can check using the DirectX Diagnostic Tools or with the help of software such as Speccy.

A. Looking at the computer specifications through the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag)

1. Log on DirectX Diagnostic Tools by pressing Win + R, then type dxdiag then Enter.

2. Window information on the specifications of your computer will appear as shown below.

3. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tools menu there are 4 tabs, among others:

- The System tab displays some general information about your computer's specifications.
Display -Tab contains about matters relating to the VGA card found on your computer.
-At The Sound tab, you can see the sound card (sound card) along with the drivers being used on your computer.
-Tab Input display input device (input devie) used on your computer, for example a mouse and keyboard.

B. Looking at the specifications of computer use Speccy

1. Download the application in advance here.
2. Install the application, then open the application Speccy.
3. Window information on the specifications of your computer will appear as shown below.

Unlike the DirectX Diagnostic Tools, Speccy displays information about your computer's specifications a more complete and detailed. For example, I tried to see my own laptop specifications.

As you can see in the picture above, Speccy displays almost all of the hardware found on my laptop.

You do not have to use the DirectX Diagnostic Tools and Speccy. There are many applications that you can try to see the specifications and laptop computers such as CPU-Z, GPU-Z, HWiNFO, and others.

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Powerful Ways Against Viruses

Powerful Ways Against Viruses

There is Powerful Ways Against Viruses be listened, to before we discuss it if you need keset kaki please click on the link.

PC surely you've named a virus, Yups the same as mine: p. I studied with my PC brief positive for the virus. Now what should I do?

We are accustomed to panic in overcoming this problem. To resolve this problem ciba you hubunugi doctors were inducted dalah instant virus daily. But guaranteed to be frantically to cope. I think the virus was complicated and complex issue. do you think is easy.

For me, all the good advantages and disadvantages that will be complementary, contradictory and sturdy running each task.

Now let us return to our theme. There are several steps that you can overcome the imposition of virus attacks, as follows:

1. Scan your PC with AntiVirus
The most common advice is often used :). Scan your PC with the usual AntiVirus you are using and should you try in vain though. In the picture above my pc using antivirus SmadAV. But do not be afraid because who knows antivirus we can overcome the problems we face is why? because there are some good antivirus that would normally be equipped with on-access scanner program. The program is useful for detecting when a file is run, whether it contains a virus or not. If the filter on access this fails, it is certain that the process of scanning the main program will fail. So, in vain is not it?

2. Update AntiVirus lalukan
Perform updates in your antivirus, both online and offline to install or upgrade via files from antivirus software and of itself. Its function is to add to the performance of the antivirus that you have that virus that has canggihpun can be filtered by your antivirus.

Although these measures have been delayed because of a virus attack already, but there is no harm in trying. Sometimes this technique can still produce results.

Although most will fail is not pessimistic, because it expresses the fact that often occur. Including on my PC: '(. Why? Because the virus will usually do protect himself by thwarting installisasi or update process and can shut down your antivirus program is being run.

3. Wearing Removal Tools
If your antivirus scanning action, must have a national standard. Bete and dizziness definitely going where again, do please glance virus removal software.

In some cases, removal software can detect and destroy viruses, you can search for the software download or our site you can search on google. if it please you to install and if you are lucky, there is the possibility of the virus in your PC will be detected and turned off.

4. Using Scanning Online
If the antivirus still can not be turned off normally and removal tools. Deadly antivirus scanning by means of the web via the Internet directly to our pc.

If lucky, you can see the name of a virus that attacks your pc. If you've discovered you can search for the antidote through google.

5. Reinstall
If with all that has you doing still virus does not go away, perhaps worst of all options in this manner and you must do. You must reinstall the Windows operating system. This is a last resort and the worst you can do.

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Facts You To Know About Software Piracy

Facts You To Know About Software Piracy

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Facts You Need To Know About Software Piracy

To deepen your knowledge about the dangers of pirated software, here are four facts behind the myths surrounding the pirated versions of Microsoft software that you need to know:

1. Myth: Software piracy together with the original software
Fact: pirated and original software may appear similar, but are actually not. The original software was designed to work optimally on your device and is also equipped with a security system that is built to minimize the risk of identity theft, viruses and damage to the system program. Plus available software update feature to ensure that your software is always updated gunakakan.

2. Myth: Software piracy safe
Fact: According to data released by International Data Center (IDC), in 2013 yesterday, one of the three PCs installed pirated software confirmed infected with malware. Malware found in pirated software generally contain the risk of theft of personal information, including bank account data.

3. Myth: Pirated software does not damage the PC
Fact: Pirated Software certainly have adverse effects on the performance and functions of the PC. Incompatibility basic program and not the availability of the software update feature is something that can interfere with the performance of the computing device.

4. Myth: Using pirated software is cheaper
Fact: Using pirated software may save you money in the short term, but long term this will only harm you financially. Using pirated software will be more expensive because of the potential risk of financial losses, security, and damage to the equipment becomes greater.

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Effective steps Organize Folders

Effective steps Organize Folders

There is Effective steps Organize Folders, to before we discuss it if you need keset kaki please click on the link.

Try it now you see in your hard disk partitions, is neat and easy to search for files that have been saved a few months ago? Are you having trouble finding the file that you've downloaded from the Internet, if "Yes" is the answer, then there are 5 things you should do:

Deleting old files and unimportant
May soon find your old files that have been saved or obsolete. No need to give forgiveness for those files with the reason you still need it later, but in reality you are not menyetuhnya longer even a semester. Files that belong to it is a test file or make something or fie exercise surrogate of coworkers work together. Hanlnya the same room you are getting too much junk and useless beberpa stuff in it, then you should immediately throw it into the trash.

Provide immediate action on the half-finished files are found
If you've decided to organize folders and files in your computer partition and menenukan some intermediate files, then immediately finish. Suppose there is a project that is already half-way design, to wrap and send it to the client so that you can put into your postofolio category, or a set of scripts that have not immediately give way action, finish and become an application or stop it and delete the file.

Minimization of making a new folder
Often we think if you create a folder that much and would significantly easier for us to save the file but the reality is the opposite because we often create a file which must be disjoint categories. The right step you should do is create a category seglobal possible and provide strict naming. Suppose you create folders based on file type or her first name only. But the most important thing is to give a name that does not arbitrarily Sesua. For instance you get the project from PT. Blessings to create a banner then give the name of the banner-pt-blessing and tempatnkan in corel folder if you're designing with corel or illustrator placed in a folder if you make it with adobe illustrator.

Avoid automatic storage
Almost all software advise us to save the file in the installation directory of the software, we have to do is put the file in a folder that already we whom does for each category, so the file will be safe when the software is uninstalled.

Consolidation files if possible
If you have 2 or more files that allow for combined sebagiknya combined course. As with samples of your logo design tempatnkan all in one file corel draw and different pages. Or put some text tutorial files into one file. It can be easy for you to look for it at a later time.

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How to Secure Your Computer

How to Secure Your Computer

There is How to Secure Your Computer be listened, to before we discuss it if you need keset kaki please click on the link.

Malware is a computer program that was created with the intention and the main purpose of looking for software vulnerabilities. Generally malware created to break into or damage a software or operating system. Examples of malware are viruses, Worm, Wabbit, Keyloggers, Browser Hijacker, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Backdoor, Dialer, exploit and rootkit. For details please find rest only with the help of google :)

Furthermore, what should we do good or to the PC / computer we are to avoid malware attacks? This article is for sure readers of Windows OS users yes, please follow the instructions below about 5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Malware Attacks:

1. Always update your Windows OS via windows update on the control panel, so when new updates are available, then usually there is always a security fixes for your computer's operating system to make it more stable again against unwanted malware.

2. Install the latest antivirus, with virus definition database updates / latest malware, here we even wear 3 antivirus, namely Avast Internet Security, SmadAV and KompasAV all with the latest version, has been managed from malware attacks.

3. Use or find antivirus with firewall. Firewall is very important to screen and supervise the data sent and received via the Internet, unfortunately, many people are turning off this feature in the Windows operating system because it was considered disruptive.

4. Use a strong password, whether true or not we just follow the source as we know, create a password for your windows with a combination of uppercase and small symbols and numbers, for example: ^% 7273txZgH ~ 1

5. Scan the flash you are using, or activate features that every one removable disk / usb / flash directly scanned by your antivirus, such as her as above using smadav and kompasAV, also do not forget to turn off the Auto Play feature when you insert the USB to PC you.

There are many ways to secure your computer from malware attacks, even so through our experience, the fifth in this way has been quite successful for us to avoid attacks Trojan horses, viruses and worms, browser hijackers, exploits and rootkits, spyware, backdoor, etc.

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