Interesting Facts About Hacker World

Interesting Facts About Hacker World

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1.Apple freiPhone
From homemade bluebox used to manipulate the telephone lines (phreaking), "Berkeley Blue" and "Oak Toebark" obtain fresh funds to develop their first computers in the 1970s. They are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Bluebox actually discovered by John "Captain Crunch" Draper who break into a phone line with a simple tool made of a pack of cornflakes.

2. Paranoid Killer Game
In the movie WarGames, David hacking into a computer owned by the government and nearly sparked World War 3. In 1983, the film has aroused the fear of hackers in the US. In statiun TV show on CBS, debated whether to parents forbid their children to get in touch with the outside world via a PC. Some newspapers featuring articles that encourage parental lock modem in a safebox, like a weapon.

3. Breaking into Transport (Part I)
After weeks of programming, Berlin hacker managed to break into systems belonging to a motorcycle rental Geman Rail at the end of 2003. The hackers show how he can use for free the motor by using a secret code.

4. Breaking into Transport (Part II)
January 2008 a tram off the track in Lodz (Poland). A 14-year-old boy has been modified a TV remote that can regulate movement of trains through the red INFA. He used the tram that became his favorite mode sebagain model train.

5. There Is No its laws
July 1981, the first hacker arrested in the US because it has been many times to break through a computer owned by the US Defense Secretary. Because there are no laws, Pat "Captain Zap" Riddle was jailed on charges of stealing goods and telephone services. The first person to be prosecuted by law "Computer Fraud and Abuse Act" in force since 1986 is the creator of the worm Robert "RTM" Morris in 1990

6. Logo "Official" Hacker
'Glider', figures taken from the world of mathematics "Conway's Game of Life", became the official hacker logo. The logo is made in ASCII format. There are many hackers who wore t-shirts with the logo. Part of actually making it as a tattoo.

7. Hack Worth Billions of Dollars
Hacking the most "expensive" for all time occurred in April 2009, when an unknown person stole several terabytes of data development of jet fighter "F-35 Lightning II 'of computers belonging to the Pentagon, the US's most expensive weapons program worth 300 billion dollars.

8. Hacker AntiOscar
In 2008, hackers Pwine confers Award to McAfee as the "producer of the most embarrassing". The company is certified "Hacker Safe" on websites that have security holes Cross Site Scripting. Once known they then deny it.

9. Inventors Honest
In 1984, the founder of the Chaos Computer Club, Wau Holland (2001) showed cracks in the online service BTX. To capitalize the bank data belonging to users that are stored in the system, he "get" money worth 135.000 Mark, but then the return to the bank.

10. The term
In the 1960s, students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave the nickname of "hacker" to co-smart optimize their friend program. Today, the term is actually used for data thieves, which is actually called "Cracker"

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