Powerful Tips With Safe Browsing

 Powerful Tips With Safe Browsing

There is Powerful Tips With Safe Browsing, be listened to before we discuss it if you need kertas minyak please click on the link.

Well this is necessary for you to know how the hell do so bowsing in a public place can be safe, especially the cafe?
Time ehh tarnyata want to surf the Internet at hp quota is up al the results you have to go to the cafe or to a public place that no internet facilities.

When in public places around you do not support internet facility so the solution is to go to the cafe in order to get internet. You should know the name of my Setau browsing in the cafe is not safe, why? Karna who use the internet cafe very much. Its not a negative thought huh? not to mention if the same jail cafe owners do we? hayoo? so we as a user of this must be very careful.

The following simple tips on how to safely use the internet facilities in public places:

1. Remove or logout of all accounts
It certainly you do if you're connected to the Internet by opening a personal social media. If you are taking any public facilities either do not forget to logout because it can prove fatal to your own if it gets used for things that are negative by people who are not responsible.

2. Avoid storing account carelessly in public places
Never store your social media accounts on the computer facilities will hurt because of your own.

3. Do not store personal files in public facilities
When you keep it in the computer facilities your data will be lost prone terdelete by others and are more frightening is your data can be misused by others.

Here's how it so that the data is always safe, each time you use the public computer facilities I suggest to bring any significant flasdisk or can be used to store your personal files, the hard drive can ekstenal sd card or your phone.

4. Make sure that you use the History Browser deleted
It is often forgotten by most people, not to mention my own. These habits should begin in rutinkan yes if it is online in a public place that is always erase the browser history after wear.

5. And restartlah reset if the computer meggunakan
When you're done using the computer in a public place, the last step is to restart the computer after you use. This method aims to make it more safe from all kinds of threats misuse of your data private.

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