How to Secure Your Computer

How to Secure Your Computer

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Malware is a computer program that was created with the intention and the main purpose of looking for software vulnerabilities. Generally malware created to break into or damage a software or operating system. Examples of malware are viruses, Worm, Wabbit, Keyloggers, Browser Hijacker, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Backdoor, Dialer, exploit and rootkit. For details please find rest only with the help of google :)

Furthermore, what should we do good or to the PC / computer we are to avoid malware attacks? This article is for sure readers of Windows OS users yes, please follow the instructions below about 5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Malware Attacks:

1. Always update your Windows OS via windows update on the control panel, so when new updates are available, then usually there is always a security fixes for your computer's operating system to make it more stable again against unwanted malware.

2. Install the latest antivirus, with virus definition database updates / latest malware, here we even wear 3 antivirus, namely Avast Internet Security, SmadAV and KompasAV all with the latest version, has been managed from malware attacks.

3. Use or find antivirus with firewall. Firewall is very important to screen and supervise the data sent and received via the Internet, unfortunately, many people are turning off this feature in the Windows operating system because it was considered disruptive.

4. Use a strong password, whether true or not we just follow the source as we know, create a password for your windows with a combination of uppercase and small symbols and numbers, for example: ^% 7273txZgH ~ 1

5. Scan the flash you are using, or activate features that every one removable disk / usb / flash directly scanned by your antivirus, such as her as above using smadav and kompasAV, also do not forget to turn off the Auto Play feature when you insert the USB to PC you.

There are many ways to secure your computer from malware attacks, even so through our experience, the fifth in this way has been quite successful for us to avoid attacks Trojan horses, viruses and worms, browser hijackers, exploits and rootkits, spyware, backdoor, etc.

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