how to maintain the number one position in Google

how to maintain the number one position in Google

Here's how to maintain the number one position in Googlelet's be listened to before we discuss it if you need kertas minyak please click on the link.

This experiment considerations the question, Is it true that Google is a lot of just like the journal that's usually updated compared with sometimes updated blog?

As skipper wrote in an editorial 3 main pillars in SEO techniques in 2010, posting the update frequency is one amongst the necessary pillars.

However, there should be proof of that. For the skipper deliberately not posting updates for a substantial amount of your time, close to one (one) month didn't update the post.

Is this journal development negative or perhaps positive?
The result's quite strange, development skipper journal even chart shows redoubled (based on knowledge from google analytics and Alexa). Some keywords was really still in a very position wherever I left it, even some really redoubled its position. this implies that this journal SERP remains stable, which no optimisation in any respect (meaning while not the injection of backlink at all).

If google isn't any longer involved concerning the frequency of updates?
If the conclusions because it was still early on it looks, particularly new options google, realtime search, the ranking relies on the last time the post.

So, let's take another conclusion, Google still makes posting the update frequency jointly issue. However, if a journal is taken into account still to own advantages for the searchers, Google can maintain the journal rankings, though sometimes updated journal.

In essence, create the reader feel the article my friend very helpful and feel comfy to linger on your journal. That way, if Google conjointly takes under consideration the length of your time a searcher open a page, your journal are easier to survive within the SERP if readers linger on your journal.

What to try to to so as to survive within the SERP blog?
For journals still have variety of visits were positive though sometimes updated blog, produce articles pillar. that means pillar article here is an editorial that remained a lot of asked for individuals a day even if the trend has modified. however will the immortal targeting keywords (keywords ar forever searched individuals a day, the alternative of keywords seasonal).

In addition, be ready to simply maintain its position within the SERP, journal pal should have a comfortable variety of backlinks with anchor text according targeted keywords. It's previous science that's still potent nowadays. However, remains the soul SEO Backlink itself from age to age.

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